For abstracts of all the scientific, philosophical, and theological projects we funded during the grant period, read our Results Report here.

Cholbi Report

In October 2018 the John Templeton Foundation commissioned a post-grant research review outlining The Immortality Project's impact on immortality- and death-related research. The final report was written by Professor Michael Cholbi (Philosophy, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona). Cholbi provides extensive details on the research background of the grant, as well as summaries of our supported research, suggestions for future directions and bibliographies.

Professor Cholbi's report can be seen here.

Background Papers

Various members of the Project Team, primarily the Graduate Student Researchers, wrote a serious of papers to provide contextual and historical information to help interested people understand topics of importance for questions about personal immortality. Those papers are viewable and arranged below according to their appropriate theme—either philosophy or theology.

Essay Prizes

An additional goal of The Immortality Project was to advance discussion of the project themes in popular venues by offering essay prize awards. This component aimed to provide an incentive for authors to publish essays on topics within the purview of the grant, but which are accessible to venues with a more general readership. Our awardees: